Our Culture – We’re collaborators, we’re inclusive, and we’re here to help you make a difference

What works for the community works for your organization, and it works for us.  Whether the community is a family, a neighborhood or a specific population, it works when everyone is included, when those most affected are most involved, and when everyone plays to their strength and works together toward a common goal.  Then look out – the world changes.

Our associates and affiliates are women and men from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds with a variety of experience, knowledge and expertise who are located across the country.  Our associates have a stake in how our company operates, and we support each other’s individual strengths while working toward a common goal – your success.

Similarly, we support organizations and initiatives that are inclusive, that involve those most impacted by their work, and that collaborate with others after the same goal, each playing to their strength and working as a team to change the world.

We’re also here to teach and learn.  We are committed to building your capacity for fund development.  It doesn’t serve you or your constituents if we come in, do the work for you and leave.  We want to teach you what we know so you can do it for yourself – better and even more.  You might still need supplemental help, but then you can choose whether to do it in-house or with consultants.

What sets our company apart?

  • Clients tell us that our hands-on approach helps them get unstuck in fundraising and put things into place that will reap benefits for years to come
  • We help you raise money from a diversity of revenue streams –foundation grants, corporate grants, corporate sponsorships, government grants, individual donors, earned income
  • We promote collaboration and work with all of the players– non-profits, individuals, municipalities, foundations, corporations, and funding intermediaries
  • Our services span the spectrum – from one-time consultations to coaching to planning and assistance with implementation

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