Take flight with a Paper Crane coach.

Raise money, not your blood pressure.

Hey Development Director, good job! You’re constantly researching prospective funders and writing proposals for grants.

What about the individual donor campaign?

What do you do with emails from a board member who met someone who might know someone with a lead on a funding source?

Did the CEO just send you a link to an RFP for a government grant?

It can get pretty overwhelming, and you can feel like you’re chasing endless opportunities and spinning your wheels. No athlete competes in the Olympics without a coach. Even going to the gym is more effective with a personal trainer who knows the equipment and the best work out for your fitness goals.

When it comes to fund development – sometimes you just need a little support.

Start here: Listen to Fund Development Basics

An overview of fund development and the primary sources of funding for non­ profits. We also talk about the steps it takes in the process of grant funding.

We’re on your side.


Break through whatever is stopping you from bringing in the funding you need.


Increase your confidence around all things fund development.


Create new and better relationships with funders.


Put a system in place (one that you will actually use!) that works organization-wide to continually and abundantly fund your work.

What works best for you?


Are you ready to soar? Develop your strengths with a coach who’ll design an individualized strategy for your growth. Book a block of sessions over 3 or 6 months.  Each week, we’ll work with you to define your goals, build your confidence, stay motivated, and get the work done.


Want the birds of a feather approach? We create groups of 4 people from different client organizations for joint coaching sessions. We also coach teams of multiple members from one organization. Group sessions are held each quarter.


Paper Crane Funding Solutions designs custom training opportunities for clients tailored to the needs of the team.