You know where you’re going by the Vision, Mission and Goals in your Strategic Plan. Great!

You’ll need a funding plan to get there.

Building from your strategic plan, a Fund Development Plan includes:


Descriptions of the programs to be funded.


An assessment of your past and present fund development efforts, as well as your fundraising goals for the future.


A gap analysis of what’s missing that would make a difference.


Recommendations for filling in those gaps whether it’s written materials or financial budgets, an Evaluation Plan, a Fund Development System, building the capacity of the board for fundraising, or even confidence to approach new funders.

Paper Crane will customize a Fund Development Plan to boost your fundraising efforts and guide your way.

But we don’t just stop there.

We help you create and put in place everything you need for successful fund development through Direct Services.

Start here: Listen to Fund Development Basics

An overview of fund development and the primary sources of funding for non­ profits. We also talk about the steps it takes in the process of grant funding.

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