“I’m very excited and pleased about the level of focus and professionalism that Lynda and her team bring to our work. One of our main challenges was the lack of a focused and long range plan for how to increase our fundraising capacity and our consistency of high quality effort.

Through their work, Paper Crane has really helped us improve our vision of the entire field of opportunities and helped us gain confidence through consistent practices.

Paper Crane is making a positive change in our organization’s culture around fundraising.  We are more clear on what we are doing and how to do it best.  In the end, this will have the greatest impact on our overall success.”

Guy O. Williams, President & CEO
Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice

“Working with Paper Crane was just great.  I called Lynda full of anxiety about how I was going to get a package together to present to our potential funders.  It was like she read my mind.  Not only did she create a compelling narrative and matching budgets, but she included things I never would have thought of.  Now I can pick and choose what I present and feel confident to raise the money we need.

Thank you Paper Crane Funding Solutions.  You really are a solution!”

Edee Franklin
Executive Director, Sanctum House
(A safe home for survivors of sex trafficking Oakland County, Michigan)