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We help nonprofits, municipalities,
and funders raise and leverage
money for social impact.


Whether it’s guiding an organization through diversifying its revenue streams or creating cross sector partnerships, clients trust us to help them take fund development to new heights. Learn more…


Learn to be more effective at finding funding, writing grant proposals, and talking with both institutional funders and individual donors.  Our 1-to-1 and group coaching and on-line training will give you wings.


Do you have a plan for bringing in the money you need to fly?  We look at your program from a funder’s perspective and assess your fund development process. We put it all in a Fund Development Plan and assist you to accomplish it. Let us help you plan.


In addition to being advisers, coaches, and planners, we help you get the job done with writing, prospecting, research, budgeting, and developing systems that get you working more efficiently so you can raise more money now and sustain it over the long term. Let’s work together.


We help our clients create everything they need to successfully fund social impact initiatives.  Our top priority is to build your capacity – so you are ready to secure funding and do more with more.

Our experienced fund development team, led by our Chief Prosperity Officer, Lynda Berge, takes a practical approach to getting the work done. We will partner with your organization so you are able to create and nurture relationships with funders, know what to say and how to say it, and have the right written and financial materials at the ready to ask for funding, receive it, and use it successfully.

In the end, you will have the confidence, approach, systems, and teamwork to secure more funding with greater ease and to sustain it over time.

How We Help

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